For the information to the honorable parents and dear students, Guru Gobind Singh Foundation is pleased to give a short brief about the school and what it stands for.

Guru Gobind Singh Public School & Jr . College is an English Medium Co-educational School Founded in 1979 by Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, the school imparts education to all students without any bar of caste, creed or religious faith. It prepares students for secondary school certificate (S.S.C.) Examination. In addition to primary focus on imparting high quality education, the School lays great emphasis on all round development of pupil; it is an institution where Child Centred education is imparted

Guru Gobind Singh Public School has:

  • Nursery
  • KG Section
  • Primary Section
  • Secondary Section
  • Jr. College ( Science )


  1. Children joining in KG or Class First will bring Birth Certificate with the application for admission.
  2. Student on transfer from another school has to submit School Leaving Certificate from the previous school. However, those coming from other state must produce the school Leaving Certificate duly countersigned by the District Education Officer of the respective District.
  3. At the time of the admission, students will pay all charges, including admission / term fee along with monthly fee.


  1. Parents are requested to give application for withdrawal of their child before 10th day of the month.
  2. School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after all dues have been paid and a clearance chit obtained from the teacher- in-charge.

Bus Rules : –

  1. The Bus service will be made available on written application of the parents / guardian.
  2. Bus service can be made available for the entire year and not for part of it.
  3. In disciplined behavior of the student will render withdrawal of the service without any refund.
  4. Parents will arrange transport of their own in the event of bus failure.
  5. Bus charges may be increased with rise in diesel / oil rates and other contingencies.
  6. Bus charges are to be paid half yearly along with school fees.
  7. The Bus charges paid are not refundable.

No one is allowed to discontinue using the bus service in the middle of the year. If any one does so, he/she will still be liable to pay the bus charges for the whole year.


  1. Students must endeavor to keep discipline and silence in the school.
  2. Nobody should bring anything which may prove to be source of nuisance/disturbance to the school environment.
  3. Parents / Guardians / Relatives are not permitted to meet the student or the teacher during the school hours. They may however, see only the Principal in case of urgent matter.
  4. The management reserves the right to alter / amend any or all the rules any time and such amendments, alteration will be final and binding on all concerned.


Take for study, the subject you dislike the most, once you do it the rest is easy. Things you do not understand, ask your teacher immediately without any hesitation. Never hide your difficulties as they would multiply if not solved in time.

Do your homework regularly. Revise all that is taught in the class at the end of the day. Make sure that you have understood everything. Make note of things not understood and get it cleared the very next day from teacher.

Use the calendar to take down the work assigned for the day. Revise all that is taught during the week on the weekend. Time is money, realize its importance and do not wait till commencement of the examination. Regular and sincere study is the only key to success.

  1. Regular attendance and study habits prompt obedience, courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of dress and personal hygiene are the good habits to be imbibed by children.
  2. No pupil who has been absent from school will be admitted to class without principals signature in the calendar. Pupils who are late will get their class teachers signature. Habitual late comers will be sent to the Principal.
  3. A student must look after his/her belongings, Raincoat, bag, cap, jersey, umbrella, tiffin box and all books must be marked with name and class of the owner. It is not advised for a student to have money or any valuable articles with him/her. No ornaments of any type should be worn in the school.
  4. Student of l to lX are not allowed to use wrist-watches in the school.
  5. Even though some student may possess a driving license, they should not come to school driving a motor car, motor cycle or scooter. However, students are allowed to use a bicycle to come to school.